LEMFO LEM5: The Futuristic and Autonomous Connected Smart Watch

LEMFO LEM5: The futuristic and autonomous connected watch – A smart object to help you stay healthy

Moving is good for your health and your heart! in Races, cleaning, walking the dog or climbing the stairs: we spend calories every day. But how much and how to know if this activity is sufficient? The activity bracelets have been designed for this. Discreet, easy to use, they interest non-athlete as athletes themselves since this fitness tracker can monitor your heart beat, your sleep patternand some can even detect your blood pressure. it is like you have a doctor and A real coach to motivate you every day to keep moving and remain healthy. so let see how the LEMFO smart fitness tracker can help you to stay fit and improve your daily life

This wristband has a 400 by 400 pixels’ screen resolution. It function with a 1.3 GHZ Quad Core processor. It can operate with all smartphones The watch is compatible with Android (4.3 and higher) and IOS (7.0 and higher). It storage capacity goes to 8 Gb so it can save all your favorite music at once your music and transmit Bluetooth 4.0 on your headphones or even in your home speakers.

And if you choose the LEMFO LF19 here are some of its Features

First, Of course, it gives the time, but what is makes this connected watch more special? Well, as all smart watches You will be able to receive notifications of your calls, SMS and applications on your wrist. The watch can take remotely control of your camera. This LEMFO LF19 also has a sense for all sports activity since it’s a smart fitness tracker, and for this, it is waterproof (50 ATM, meaning you can shower, swim and wash your hands with it), it has a sophisticated calorie counter, a distance counter and a pedometer. The watch also has a night light backlight.

Have you all bought a connected watch? Well from the DZ09 to the apple watch it all have more or less useful features (or not!), But I noticed that there was ONE thing unbearable with these connected watches: you have to recharge them … Constantly!

It is mostly the problem that LEMFO want it to solve by designing the LEMFO LF19: A connected watch, with all the options you want but with a 365-day standby battery. so Basically this smart wristband DOES NOT RECHARGE! Meaning No more cables, or looking for a hold and a place to put your watch to recharge, with the LEMFO LF19 you will finally have the daily practicality of a watch and a tool connected to your bracelet: the best of both worlds. On the side we find a port for a Nano Sim card to make it completely autonomous. The watch supports many languages and it has a 3G feature to be able to operate independently of your phone

So in summary, wither you like to run, walk or swim your LEMFO watch will always be helpful to count your steps, to see how fast your heart is beating and to count al the calories you have burned. And it can also remind you of your meeting, get your calls and give you notification of the missed ones and you can use it to consult your emails and read your SMSs.

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